Saturday, January 03, 2009


New Years Resolutions!!

I don't think I need to make any resolutions this year.  I'm already excited about how awesome this year will be.  Plus, with the new addition coming in April, I will be extremely busy to worry about keep any resolutions....

But for the sake of it..

1.  Making lists again - I stopped because the wife teased me too much about it.  But I'm getting old and I forget things...

2.  Read more...  I keep buying books I never read...

3.  Yes, I'm running again - Well I'm starting tonight!!

4.  more Organized!!  What happened?  Tax Time is coming and I have 2 reciepts from 2008.  What Happened??

5.  SAVE more!!  With this economy -- I need to buy more!!!!  Anyone notice how Kellogs stock has continued to increase while many other stocks have decreased...  Poptarts I tell you -- Poptarts...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad Service

You know those guys in sales that had it so good the past few years.  Everyone was buying everything and paying for it.  And if you didn't buy it, they didn't care because someone else would. 

How about now sales guy?

With this economy isn't it time for something new?  You can't lower your prices anymore?  But you know what you can do?


It's been a long time since we had it ---  Bring it back!!! It doesn't cost you anything and it really makes me happy!!!

One place I hope it starts soon -- Restuarants .

*** an update

THULE -- yes it's true I alway thought you were a little over priced.  But today when I called the 1-800# and I spoke with a real live person and I told you that I just recently purchased a cargo carrier that is over 10 years old and you told me no problem - we have a lock and key that will fit that model - no problem - and you even told me where to get it.  Well that's perfect -- Great Customer Service.

Maggiano's --  Yes, my wife is in love with your Rigatoni "D".  So when I called this morning - and was transfered to Carryout --  and no one picked up.  When I called a 2nd time and told the person answering the phone that no one picked up and was transfered again and again no one picked up.  So on the 3rd try --  I was a little peeved my voice a little more stern - told the girl - that I did not want to be transfered but I needed to place an order for carryout. (did I mention my wife loves the Rigatoni "D" and did I mention she is pregnant and it's her birthday)
So when you told me at 10:00a.m that you needed to put me on hold to go ask the chef if he could do a 1/2 pan of Rigatoni "D" for a 6:00pm pickup.  You need to call and personally thank my wife that you were able to still sell me that order... Customer Servce -- FAIL

Friday, November 21, 2008

Solution -- Small Business Security

Just a random thought here.

Last week the Bon Air Seafood store got robbed.  Now this is no different from the many other places that got robbed last week, this week and so on...  Except I'm familier with Bon Air Seafood - the owners are great and they sell some good seafood.  

Anyhow, my thoughts were -- what if you just stopped excepting 


Credit/Debit only?
That's right I said it.  Honestly, I could not tell you the last time I actually had CASH in my hand or in my wallet.  I would think that's the same for many other people.  Yes??

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ellwood for Lunch!

Remember that time back in Elementary school when you thought if you asked a question -- everyone would turn around and laugh?? That's the kind of vibe you get when you go into Ellwood Thompson. Okay maybe it's not quite like that. This was my first visit to Ellwood. 

Anyway, I saw the menu for todays Hot Bar Menu and I wanted wings.

Wings, Salad, Sweet Potatoes = $6.36. Everything was great and how about those recyclable containers (does the weight of the box effect my price?).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leaves Leaves Leaves

It's that time of year again!  Where every weekend for the next few months will be devoted to blowing, raking, bagging, dumping, tarping leaves.  
Not this year!!

We built a compost over the weekend to help us manage our leaves.  So no more 12 bags every weekend going to the landfill.  Our 2 neighbors with the nice green lawns will be adding in their yard waste to help our compost work.  

DIY: 4 cinder blocks, 16 landscape timbers, 4 metal rods.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Kickin the Can!

The good folks over at thisyounghouse seem to be enjoying the rewards of recycling and composting.  Check out their great DIY post on starting your own compost. (link).

We have been doing the compost thing since 9/6/08. (2 months) And we have been recycling ever since the WM made it easy to do so w/ curbside recycling.  But now that we compost we are even more aware now of what is going where.  Our kids tend to stop and think about where something goes before they just throw it in the trash.  Even at times correcting us when we forget.

And just like the folks over at ThisYoungHouse we too have also seen a significant decrease in the amount of "trash bags" that we are sending to the landfill.  Right now we are sending 1-2 bags a week for a family of 4.  It would be nice to have less and maybe save some "green" on paying WM.

What's in those 1-2 bags??
Plastic and other non-recyclables - food packaging
Styrofoam - the stuff that holds your chicken and meat.
Meat waste - mostly bones and some scraps -- a small bit...

Now how about those leaves that are falling...

.18cents to much!

When you work for a non-profit you tend to watch the budget a bit.  and when you work for a non-profit in this economy you tend to WATCH THE BUDGET A BIT.

So when I ran out to the local officemax to pick up some name tags to use for a workshop.  I almost fell over paying $26.00 for 140 labels.  Granted it wasn't my $26.00 but in the non-profit world that might be $26.00 less in a raise next year.  

For the next workshop it's bring your own name tag.